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Quick Sale Scotland

At Soldfast Property Auctions, we can buy your property as quickly as you need it sold with no fuss and no hidden costs.

Property Auctions Scotland is one of the leaders in the quick sale industry and there is a reason why Soldfast Property Auctions we are firmly established in this industry – we provide more than just the service of buying your property; we are also interested in helping you out of a difficult situation. Whether you are having financial difficulties, facing repossession, going through a divorce, stuck in a property chain, etc, you can count on Soldfast Property Auctions Scotland to help you get back on your feet in the shortest time possible.

We know that selling a property can be a daunting experience. Hence we strive to provide customised solutions that suit your timescale and desires. Depending on your individual circumstances, some of the strategies we may offer include a quick sale of your property, signing a lease option with us, or selling and renting back.

Quick Sale

When we arrange a quick sale of your property, the sale process can be completed in 7 days and the proceeds from the sale of your property can be transferred into the bank account of your choice as soon as the sale is completed. This is particularly useful for people who face the following situations:

  • Having to downsize due to retirement and ill health
  • Emigrating and relocating
  • Going through a separation or a divorce
  • Inherited Property
  • Having problems managing buy-to-let properties


In these cases, we can offer you cash for your property with a Sell House Fast Scotland so that you can release the equity tied to your property and have the resource to deal with the next stage of your life.

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