Property Estate Agents

Sales in the soul, the real estate agent sells or leases of property (apartments, houses, business premises) on behalf of owners. At the head of a small business, franchise or not, he leads a team of negotiators.

Nature of Work

Sell, buy, rent

Apartments, Villas, Commercial property … real estate agent on all fronts. Mandated by an owner willing to sell or lease his property quickly, he is responsible for finding a buyer or prospective tenant. From the collected data (area of surfaces, cost charges and taxes, budgeted work or predict …), it sealed an agreement with his client as a term of the sale or lease (in which indicated the desired price).

Guide and inform

The case concluded, the agent accompanies the Investors in financial and administrative procedures. It informs buyers on credit formulas, closely following delays in obtaining the loan, informs the owner seller on statutory certificates, informs future supporting tenants to produce …

A regulated trade

Not real estate agent who wants! Only the owner of a business card (to be renewed every 10 years since 2007) issued by the prefecture, officer and can process transactions.

Required Skills

A mobile negotiator

Commercial foremost, the real estate agent and sell house fast scotland must possess certain human and relational qualities. Spirit of persuasion, communication skills and negotiation, stress resistance and responsiveness are also vital him.

Another advantage to possess: mobility.

Stalled in Law and Management

The agent must also control all existing laws, new environmental regulations … If he wants to run his own agency, the dynamism, the ability to coach and management knowledge will make the difference.


The real estate agent sells and / or rent apartments, houses and commercial and industrial premises.Holds a professional license issued by the prefect, he is the intermediary between the two sides of each transaction.

Business description

The real estate agent’s primary objective is to obtain sale or rental terms.For this, it assesses the property (apartments, houses …) and its prospecting potential customers.

Once the property valued, real estate agent disseminate information concerning those assets in the form of ads to appear in the press, on the Internet and at the agency’s headquarters.

At the request of potential buyers or tenants, he visit the apartments or houses and advises visitors. If the visitor is interested, the real estate agent or fast house sale scotland agent agrees to negotiate with the homeowner and conducts the transaction to completion.

In case of sale of real estate, real estate agent may be responsible for the drafting of the preliminary contract, which precedes the actual selling act. It then checks the information essential to the success of the project (seller’s title, description housing …) and assists the customer in its further research: urban planning certificates, mortgages, loan packages, credit conditions …

Many real estate agents are also property managers. As such, they are responsible for the management of the property owners in their care (rents, charges, leases …), but also all the maintenance tasks.

The real estate agent shares his time between his agency and the different properties to visit. The movements are so numerous, and work schedules are irregular.

The real estate agent must have solid knowledge legal, commercial and technical, as well as a keen sense of psychology to persuade and carry out the negotiations.

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